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Let's Get Mental Podcast About Mental Health Illness
Welcome to Let's Get Mental, a podcast about getting through struggles with mental health issues. 
Welcome to my podcast, a show where I share my personal experiences, and how I survive my mental health struggles.
As a child, I was exposed to different types of abuse. At nine, I was sexually molested, at 11, I was sold to an old gay guy in my hometown, bullied, harassed, discriminated, you name it. 
I thought those things made me a stronger person until when I was 19, I recorded myself drinking a bottle of rum, crying, and hung myself but ended up being alive. At 28, I did it again but at that time, by taking 12 capsules of fat burner that supposed to target my heart, but woke up 18 hours later alive.
And lately, the thoughts keep coming in. After years of keeping it together, my mind broke down. I am blessed to have three people who helped me go through it by just listening to me and by making me feel that I matter.
We can indeed be so brave and strong and indestructible because of how our past experiences moulded us. But the stronger we become, the longer we hold things together, the harder we fall. 
You are not alone. If you are struggling right now, and there's no one to talk to, listen to my story, give another day. Talk to me.
Macky Suson: Let's Get Mental Podcast
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