Episode 1: The Reasons Why | UNCUT
In this episode, I will be talking about my mental health journey for the past two months and how I will continue to commit to becoming better mentally. I will be talking about my one month challenge to be physically fit finally. After all, physical and mental are as crucial as one another.
Lastly, you will see the reason why I started my Youtube Channel. You will know and understand why I use this platform to reach to many young Filipino people in the future and on how I can help to better Philippines Film and Music Industry.
Please help me achieve my plans by asking your friends to subscribe to my channel, like and comment on my videos.
Episode 2: I Started a YouTube Channel For the Young Talented Filipinos: The Reasons Why: Part 2
#MackySuson I started a YouTube Channel For the Young Talented Filipinos. Today, I will be talking more about on "Why I Started My YouTube Channel". As you all know, the Philippines is full of passionate and talented young artists. However, most of these youths are intimidated or discouraged to push through their dreams as artists or creatives because of one main reason- lack of resources and equipment to help them develop their skills or talents. Being able to experience that myself when I was younger, I am dedicating the next decade of my life helping these future generations. I want to establish a foundation where young singers, dancers, actors, creative writers, movie makers and music producers can be supported. I want to help enhance and expand their crafts and gifts and work together to build a community for the future of the Filipino entertainment industry. Please help me spread my cause by sharing my contents, subscribing, liking and commenting on Youtube and Facebook. The revenue or earnings from these platforms will be saved and used to make this a reality. Gadgets used: GoproHero8 GoproLightMod GoProMediaMod FinalCutPro MacbookPro15inch

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