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Content Creator | Mental Health Advocate | Storyteller
26 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest | SEO Master
Boracay Island Philippines Videographer

I create videos for tourists in Boracay. I create videos for business in Boracay Island as well and help them change how they post on their social media for better reach and more effective yet affordable advertising.

Before coming to Boracay, I worked in Singapore for ten years as Area Sales Manager at Apple South Asia Pte. Ltd. In 2016, I founded Model Citizen Magazine while still working at Apple and learned not only to create magazines but also to understand social media marketing and management, social media advertising, and most importantly, SEO. 

I created myself until it became my source of SEO powerhouse. I created a few websites for some SMEs in Singapore and the Philippines. 

On Pinterest, I have a total of 26 million monthly views a month on both of my Creator and Business accounts. I am an official US Pinterest Creator as well.

Before leaving Singapore, I was an educational content creator of TikTok Singapore and won a few awards during that time- Study Tips and Lifehacks Creator Winner and Top Live Creator Winner within six months of that creator program.

For most businesses, the most integral part of their business is being found on Google searches. With five years of experience, I can help businesses be found on Google with specific keywords that target their business model, as part of their business strategy.

I offer mainly videography service for your business's social media posts and advertising. On top of that, I offer social media management and SEO services too.

I do not have published rates as every business has different needs and there's no specific solution in general. But I have a huge discount for SME's in Boracay Island Philippines to help them bounce back. For more information, please email me at and/or check my portfolio at 
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