Hi guys, it’s me Macky. Before I talk about myself, let me show you my professional experiences below. Think of it as my CV. 
2008-2009 Makati, Philippines
Customer Solutions Officer, Citigroup BPS
Handled USA mortgage accounts through following up with clients over due payments. The calls were both inbound and outbound call.
Created over 10,000 successful payment plans for homeowners to avoid foreclosure during the recession.
2009-2010 Makati, Philippines
Customer Service Officer JP Morgan Chase
Serve as the primary contact for customers and approved third parties; including but not limited to investors, attorneys, trustees and the courts.
Respond to customer inquiries regarding mortgage defaults and loss mitigation options.
Communicate Chase and investor-specific documentation requirements to the customer.
Manage customer requests concerning modifications at all stages of the process by acting as liaison with all necessary parties.
ASC/Area Sales Manager, Apple South Asia Pte Ltd.
Creates training materials for one-on-one coaching and in- store training. Consistently updating Virtual team with most recent products and making sure to maintain Apple Customer Experience in both CE and Telco spaces.
Handles store updates from demo content, demo units and graphics. Maintains Apple tables based on given planogram and expected cleanliness.
Business Manager
Handles quarterly business reviews with the partners and mostly store manager to review the previous quarter's performance in Sales, Advocacy and Merchandising. Maintains great relationship and discusses goals and focuses on improving the Apple Business in the store level.
Sales Person
Makes sure that sales target for iPad, iPhone and Mac are being reached in monthly, quarterly and yearly manner. Responsible for influencing a group of Virtual Team to sell Apple Products.
Bring news, updates and advocacy program in the stores. Responsible for identifying an Apple Expert and enrol for the program. Responsible for grooming the Apple Expert to be the best that they could become.
“In the past eight years, I was sent to a various locations like Sydney and Melbourne Australia, San Francisco and Cupertino, USA by Apple for my contributions at innovations in my team. “
My passion has always been to develop exciting and innovative content for my team, and I would like to turn this passion into my every day job at Apple. I believe that my qualifications and professional experience both at work and beyond work would make me a strong and competitive entrepreneur.
I love to build consistent content standards and make sure that the business is communicating key messages with everyone on the same page. I enjoy working in a team, and would look forward to collaborating across multi-cultural groups worldwide. I have already built strong contacts through the Apple network in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, and I look forward to maintaining and extending this network.
My extensive sales experience and positive customer reviews in the consumer electronics and financial services sectors will also place me in good stead to focus training content on how to position and sell products in a variety of vertical markets. Moreover, handling a Telco account, I have handled difficult roles which mostly are not part of my roles such as:
Daily Market Analysis- As an ASM for the telco partner, daily market analysis is done through store visits. I am able to detect trends, and areas of opportunities where I will present on a weekly basis. If there is a red flag on a daily basis, I will then alert the managers for their actions.
Weekly Report- On a weekly basis, as an ASM, I will need to gather all the information I have to present to my manager and the account manager.
Weekly Conference Call- After the data has been gathered, summarised, as an ASM, I will need to attend the conference call which is done on a weekly basis. This call will help to elaborate and address some issues based on the presented weekly report.
Account Management Support- As an ASM, I become the support of the account manager. I support the account manager by analysing, understanding and reporting back things like; consumer offers effectivity, price changes, traffic and inventory monitoring.
Store Merchandising Support- As an ASM, I will need to help on merchandising issues in the stores. One of the biggest highlights for last quarter was the enablement of all telco partner shops for DCOTA.
Store Management Relationship- As an ASM, I am responsible of building great relationships with the telco partner shops I manage. I have to understand their needs and listen to them to identify possible solutions that we can work hand in hand.
Consumer Offers Analysis- In-depth consumer offers is being done as an ASM. I do not only look at the in-store offers but I expand my observation and analysis through looking at different channels, like print media, and social media. I will then analyse the effectivity of the offers by observing and asking consumers on how they learned about the offers, if applicable.
Competitor Watch- In-depth observation and analysis on the competition is one of the most important things I have done in Q3. Not only I know what they offer on a consumer level, but I have access to what they offer at telco partner shops as an account- spiff, incentives. Moreover, I have access to how their offers perform which helps the account manager to evaluate what we offer and point out some areas of improvement.
Marketshare Watch- As an ASM, observing and understanding consumer offers and competitors are two major things I do on a daily basis.
I am well experienced in instructional design, including creating and writing sales training and delivering it to a global audience. I am proficient in producing high- quality content using Apple applications such as Keynote, iBooks, Preview, Pages and Apps, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, . The output has been presented on multiple occasions to the team and for training purposes.
I learn everything from scratch and I learn those myself. I have passion of finding problems and solving them through various initiatives. Since I am visual person, I prefer to present and suggest solutions through visual references or materials.
I love to learn and I learn fast.
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